"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 27, 2012

May 26 - San Antonio, TX

Cruising Distraction
Henderson's Wharf Marina

I know this is a cruising blog and I know San Antonio isn't a cruising destination...but sometimes we have our course altered by more important things. Our oldest son, Kyle and his wonderful wife Brytanie have archived their lifetime dream of becoming doctors and this weekend is a celebration of that dream.

We will also have our cruising course altered in July when our younger son, Eric, and his wonderful wife, Courtney, have their first child. There are just some things in life that are more important than cruising. We'll fly into Austin, which is close to Stan's sister's home, so we took our SUV there this morning so we would have a way to get home when we fly in. From Lockhart we drove to San Antonio...our first stop was the Blue Star Bicycle Company to get a new tire for Stan's bike. It's located in a neat little complex on the river with an art center and brewery. We had lunch at the Blue Star Brewery and spent a little time afterwards walking along the river. The art center was working on projects in the parking lot...I was told this type of art was woodcarving printing with roller. You'll see exactly what it is from the pictures below. It was pretty interesting to watch.

After lunch we met Kyle, Bryt and her family at their home. We spent the rest of the day visiting, eating, playing silly games and enjoying our time together. We had a great time celebrating...tomorrow they become Drs. Bryt and Kyle Marshall.

Blue Star Bicycling Company
Blue Star Brewery Company
Bike trail along the river
First the wood carving is inked and laid on the ground in a wooden frame
A large piece of paper is laid over it and then carpet padding is laid on top of that and then a think sheet of plastic
The roller drives over the whole thing
The finished product

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  1. Pretty cool! I think I prefer the brewing company over the biking company, but that's just me!