"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 17, 2012

May 16 - Baltimore, MD

People Watching
Henderson's Wharf Marina

It was such a beautiful morning...we sat on the flybridge and enjoyed our coffee. Henderson's Marina is in a great location to watch boats coming and going into the Inter Harbor...tugboats, tour boats, water taxis, pleasure boats and this morning a battleship from Japan. It was quite a site to see it come in, all the sailors lined up along the rail in their white uniforms. Two tugs were maneuvering it through the channel and docked it at the end of Fell's Point. We had a chance to see it close up later in the day while we were wandering around. June 13-19 Baltimore will host 20 tall ships during the Star-Spangle Banner Sailabration, plus many military ships. All will be docked along the harbor and will be open for tours. It sounds like an amazing site to see, but the crowds will be over whelming. I'm kind of glad we'll be in New York by then.

After our morning entertainment we caught up on bookkeeping, checked on our car rental, made hotel reservations in San Antonio for graduation and did some research on a few things we might like to do before we leave Baltimore. Some days you just have to take care of business before youcan have fun. After lunch we rode our bikes along the Waterfront Promenade towards Canton. About the time we got to the park Stan's back tire blew out...it split the tire and the tube. That put an end to our bike ride, we had to walk them back to the boat. We found a bike shop close by that had a tire that would fit, but it wasn't a white wall like the ones that are on the bike now. Stan did a little more research and found a place in San Antonio that has the exact tire, so we will pick it up next weekend while we are there. The rest of the afternoon we spent hanging around the park in Fells Point enjoying the weather and watching people. We're enjoying this marina...nothing fancy, but the bathrooms are clean and roomy and the people are great...very friendly and very helpful. This would be a great place to spend a summer...if we were tired of cruising.

Japaness ship coming into Baltimore
Japaness ship docked at Fell's Point
Fells Point
The Pride of Baltimore

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