"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 11, 2012

May 10 - Annapolis, MD

Ego Alley
Annapolis City Dock

Beautiful sunshine woke us this morning. A front moved in last night, it brought sun and high winds, but the wind should lay down for this weekend. Two of our kids will be here tomorrow; so beautiful weather will be a great addition to the weekend.

We moved the boat from the mooring ball to Ego Alley (CityDock) before lunch. It was quite a challenge for Stan to get us docked in the small slip in 20-25 mph north wind, but he did a great job…as usual. I never have any doubts...he makes it look so easy. Today was cleaning day...I cleaned inside and Stan scrubbed the decks. I also did laundry, first time since we left Great Bridge seventeen days ago! The secret to cruising is to have plenty of underwear! I took my laptop with me and sat in the front window at Starbucks, watching people and surfing the web, while waiting for our laundry. The waterfront was very busy today...hundreds of school aged kids on field trips! The city is also setting up for a triathlon that will take place here on Saturday.

We went to Rums Head Tavern this evening and checked out a few other places we might like to eat while the kids are here…doing research can be so hard. We love walking around this little city looking at all the old buildings and homes. It would be a fun place to live in for a while.

They were shooting a movie or TV show next to the State House...we were told the only famous person around was Ken Howard.
The Maryland State House (Capital)
 Just one of the neat old streets in Historic Annapolis
 Rams Head Tavern

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