"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 27, 2011

Aug. 26 - Baltimore, MD

Day 161 - Hurricane Watch
Anchorage Marina

Most of our day was spent watching the weather reports and doing the last minute things to get the boat ready. The dock was a busy place today as people added lines to their boats. There still seems to be a lot of loose things around, I hope they are put away early tomorrow before the wind starts to blow. We talked to several other boaters on our dock who say they will ride out the storm on their boats. We have a car in case we want to go to a hotel, we will make a decision in the morning. Our boat will be the best place to be if this area loses power. We are self sufficient...120 gallons of water, plenty of food and we can make our own electricity. We have everything we need to survive for weeks if need be. At the moment they are predicting 40-50 mph winds, 3 foot storm surge and 4-6 inches of rain for Baltimore.

We had a wonderful dinner on Jim and Julie Bertch's boat. The food and company were great. They have spent the last twelve years cruising all over the east coast, Canada and Florida. They have such a wealth of knowledge to share and wonderful stories of the places they have been. It’s been fun getting to spend some time with them. 

Satellite pictures from 5 PM Friday
The Pearl is as ready as she can be
The calm before the storm


  1. Be safe!! I hope you all ride the storm out well with no damage to The Pearl and you all safe through it all! I am amazed to see the guy in the 46 Maxum next to you still has his bimini and eisenglass up? The winds will surely rip it all down?

  2. I know...he did finally come and take it down as the rain started. Baltimore is suppose to do ok, but I kind of wish it was Sunday afternoon already. We had planned to spend the next month exploring the east shore...we may have to change our plans.