"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 14, 2011

Aug. 13 - Annapolis, MD

Day 148 - Smoke, Haze and Rain
Annapolis City Dock

We woke up to southerly winds and smoke from the fires in the Dismal Swamp. It was hazy all the way to Annapolis...I really don't like this smoke. We left our anchorage at ten and arrived in Annapolis around noon. We thought we would have to take a mooring ball for the night, but we lucked out and got a slip on the city dock. The slips are first come with no reservations...we happened to arrive just as people were leaving. It was nice to have a slip since it rained a little this afternoon and is suppose to rain again tomorrow. The city dock is in an area known as Ego Alley. It's called Ego Alley because boaters parade their boats down the narrow waterway, turn at the end and come back so everyone can see them. The docks are on one side and restaurants and bars are on the other. I read about this area before we arrived and pictured it as much larger...in fact it is very narrow, not very long and there are only a few restaurants. The docks are in the historic section of Annapolis close to everything including the Naval Academy and it was fun to watch all the people walking by and coming by in their boats.

After lunch we walked around town admiring the old buildings, looking in little shops and trying to stay dry. We had light showers on and off all afternoon. Today really wasn't a very good day for photography, with all the smoke, haze and then rain, which was too bad because the cruise into Annapolis was very pretty and the town itself is very old world looking. Hopefully the weather will clear up a little tomorrow.

We met a couple on the dock from Rockport. They are interested in buying a trawler, so they've rented one for a week and are cruising this area. It was fun to meet someone from home. We will definitely look them up when we get back.

The U. S. Naval Academy
East Port, MD
Ego Alley - looking towards town from our boat
Ego Alley - looking towards the harbor
One of the narrow streets in Annapolis
Looking down Main Street to the harbor
Looking towards the State House with fireworks in the background

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