"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 11, 2011

Aug. 10 - Solomons, MD

Day 145 - Lighthouses
Comfort Inn Beacon Marina

Today was a beautiful day, no smoke from far away fires and low humidity, so visibility was wonderful. We saw three lighthouses today. We passed Point Lookout Lighthouse as we left the Potomac River and entered the Chesapeake Bay. The next one was located in the Chesapeake Bay, two miles offshore, called Point No Point Lighthouse. Our final lighthouse was Drum Point Lighthouse, located at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons Island. They have a wonderful museum with lots of old boats and history of this part of Maryland, but we didn't feel like spending time inside at another museum. We've been to a lot of museums lately, so we spent the afternoon riding around town. Solomons Island, located on the Patuxent River, is a quaint little village with hundreds, maybe thousands of boats...recreational and fishing charters have replaced the commercial fishing and oystering boats that use to fill the harbor.

We ate dinner at The Captain's Table that was right above our boat at the marina. The location, view and crab soup were wonderful and it felt nice for a change to sit outside. Hopefully the real hot weather of summer has passed.

Point Lookout Lighthouse
Point No Point Lighthouse
A wooden canoe we saw on our way into Solomons Island
Boats everywhere
I think I found the house I want
Drum Point Lighthouse is a "Screwpile Lighthouse". Which means it was built by screwing pilings into the bottom of the waterway, then building the living quarters and light on top. The only one of this type still in use today is located in Annapolis...hopefully we will get to see it.
Solomons Island Methodist Church - notice the water right behind it...very nice.
One of the views from our boat this evening - The Captain's Table restaurant

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