"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

Travel Photos

The following links will take you to our travel photos in Google Photo.
March - Texas to Florida
April - West Coast of Florida
May - The Keys & East Coast of Florida 
June - Florida to Savannah 
July - Savannah to Washington DC
August - Washington DC to Philadelphia, PA
Sept/Oct - The Chesapeake

March - Great Bridge, VA
April - The Chesapeake
May - The Chesapeake and Baltimore
June - The Chesapeake to the Erie Canal
July - Canada
August - Lake Champlain & Hudson River
Sept - Waterford to Baltimore
Oct - Baltimore to Charleston, SC

March - Charleston, SC
April - Charleston, SC
May - Charleston, SC to Cape May, NJ
June - Cape May, NJ to Rhode Island
July - New England and Maine
August - Maine, Massachusetts, Long Island
Sept - New York to Baltimore
Oct - Virginia to South Carolina

Feb - Charleston, SC
March - Charleston, SC
April - St. John's River, FL
May - Florida
Sept - Florida/New Boat
Oct - Trip home to Texas
Nov/Dec - Rockport

Jan - The Keys
Feb - The Keys
March - The Keys & Miami
Abaco - All pictures from Feb/Mar
April - Indintown Marina

Jan - The Keys
Feb - The Keys, East Coast of Florida & Jacksonville
April - Georgia & South Carolina 
May - North Carolina & Virginia 
July - New Jersey, New York City & New England
Aug - Maine
Sept/Oct. - Maine, Rhode Island & the Chesapeake

April - Work on the boat and Virginia
May - Trip north to New York, Hudson River and Erie Canal
June - Ithaca, New York and waterfalls
July - Wineries, waterfalls and Finger Lakes
Aug - Finger Lakes and Hurricane Harvey
Sept - End of season

Jan - Costa Rica
May - Fun in Ithaca and with family
June - Adventures west on the Erie Canal
July - Finger Lake activities
Aug - Finger Lakes & 1000 Islands
Quebec City
Sept. - Ithaca, Letchworth, Apple Fest
Oct. - Friends, Ithaca and fall activities
Finger Lake Wineries

Jan - Costa Rica
May - Ithaca, NY
June - Fun with friends and family
Bermuda Cruise
July & Aug - Amish country, fun on the lake
New Brunswick Road Trip
Sept. & Oct. - Fun on the lake

Feb - Puerto Rico

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