"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

July 26, 2017

Lucky Stones

“The only problem with looking for sea glass…is that you never look up. You never see the view. You never see the houses or the ocean, because you’re afraid you’ll miss something in the sand.” —Anita Shreve

I've always enjoyed beachcombing...partially because I like the treasures I find, but especially because I love spending time on the beach being close to the water. Every area has a different treasure to offer...shells, sea glass, sponges, lobster buoys and here along Cayuga Lake...lucky stones. The shores of Cayuga Lake are one of the few places where “Lucky Stones” can be found. These are rocks with fossil worm holes. Legend has it that they bring good luck to anyone who finds one. I think I'll use a few of the stones on my pine needle baskets.

Stones that have natural holes, called Odin Stones or Hag Stones, have always been considered mystical and sacred, with special healing properties and windows into the soul. These stones are reported to have extremely powerful magical properties, the most important of which is protection.

These are a few of the smaller stones I might use on my pine needle baskets
I think we have plenty of luck for the boat now.
We found a few fossils too
and a couple of cute hearts.
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