"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 5, 2017

May 5 - Waiting

Olverson’s Lodge Creek Marina

“Every day is the beginning of a new journey…enjoy the ride.” –Author Unknown

While we were at anchor last week we tried to use our generator and noticed it wasn't spitting water out the side of the boat...like it's suppose to. Stan investigated and found the exhaust elbow had a crack in it. It's old, very old, and Stan knew it needed to be replaced one day...well one day is here. We decided the best place to wait for the part to be delivered was at Olverson's since our car is there. The part has been ordered and will be delivered on Monday. 

Waiting for the part isn't going to slow our northerly migration down, the weather has already put a halt to that. The winds in the Chesapeake and the Atlantic have been terrible for the last week and it doesn't look any better for the coming week. So while we wait for the wind to subside and the part to arrive, we'll continue to do a few more maintenance projects, visit with friends, provision the boat...again and try to relax. One day we will be on the move again and hopefully make it to Ithaca before the summer is over.

The old generator elbow...I guess it's time to replace! That little square thing is suppose to be welded on the end of the elbow.
Boating isn't always happy hours and fun...sometimes you have to fix things that are in small out of the way places.
and the pumps on the toilets need to be taken about and greased regular so they function properly...that's a fun job!
Windfinder's forecast of today's winds just north of us...not a good day on the Chesapeake.
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  1. Would it not be nice if the WIND STOPPED BLOWING for 5 minutes. This was the year of record for non stop East winds blowing from December 23rd to May 1st for our boating season. We rarely got out to the Atlantic side and when we did we got stuck in Emerald Bay for 12 days due to the standing 9' wall of water at the entrance to the marina. Hope you get better weather soon you two.