"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 24, 2017

May 23 - Sylvan Beach

Sylvan Beach Free Dock

"Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” ―Paul Theroux
Today was a much better day on the water, lots of sunshine and warmer by this afternoon, but still cold this morning. We enjoyed having the heater on as we ate breakfast. The past two days our travel on the Erie Canal was mainly in the Mohawk River, lots of bends and meandering...today's travel was in a man made canal. Mostly a straight shot from Ilion to Sylvan Beach and we only had four locks. Two lifted us up and two brought us down to the elevation of Oneida Lake. 

Morning mist on the water
Lock 19...my favorite lot on the Erie Canal
We spotted a lot of birds today...we even saw an eagle several times, but I didn't get a blog worthy picture
Our first lock down on the Erie Canal (Lock 21)
Waiting to lock down, the canal in front of us is 25' lower
Our typical view today
We got to Sylvan Beach in good time and it looked like a reunion…almost all the boats from Waterford are here. Water levels in Lake Ontario are still high so most are waiting a few more days before heading that way. We found a nice little restaurant on the beach to enjoy happy hour; we even got to visit with another couple that has been going through the locks with us the past few days. Then we enjoyed spending a little more time with our new friends Shelley and Kevin from Mrs. P. It was nice having the down time after three long days.

Sylvan Beach...looking back at Harpoon Eddie's where we had happy hour
Our view for the evening
We had an amazing sunset tonight
Pictures from our new friend Pierre as he was leaving Waterford
Kevin on Mrs. P took this picture as we locked through Lock 2 on Sunday...notice all the clothes we have on?
More pictures from Lock 2 on Sunday...these were taken by Chris and Gina. Thanks everyone for all the pictures.
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