"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 22, 2017

May 21 – Tribes Hill, NY

Erie Canal Lock 12 Wall

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” —Unknown
Looking west at Lock 2 and 3. Waterford is on the right
We went through eleven locks (264' up) today. The first five are known as the Waterford Flight and must be done all at once. “The Waterford Flight” is a set of five locks, built in 1907, which raise watercraft 170 feet in a mile and a half. It raises boats from the Hudson River at Erie Lock 2 to the Mohawk River at Erie Lock 6. This is the greatest lift in the shortest distance on any canal system in the world. These five locks are necessary to navigate around the Cohoes Falls. Lock 2 in Waterford harbor is the most visited lock on the Erie Canal. The American Society Of Civil Engineers has named the flight of locks as a significant historic civil engineering landmark, because of their innovative design and protective gates.

We traveled up the Mohawk River today and it’s a beautiful area. The sun eventually came out to warm us up. We stopped for the night at Lock 12, it's in a rural area with lots of trees and grass. It would make a great stop for anyone that has a dog. The train tracks run right along the river so train noises are something you get use to…even with a few trains we had a peaceful night.

Mrs. P entering the Lock 2 (there isn't a lock 1) of the Erie Canal just above Waterford
In the lock chamber waiting for the water to raise us up. This lock lifted us up 34 feet.
Stan holding on to a line as we raise up
Gina and Chris came to watch us lock through...and tell us good-bye. They also brought us more Erie Canal info and a nice flag.
Lock operator Leroy...such a friendly place. We're going to miss everyone.
The Governor Cleveland tug...this is the boat Chris works on.
The flag Gina and Chris brought us...we'll fly it while we're on the Erie Canal and then it will have a place on the wall in our salon. That's an inlet valve out of a tug's diesel engine that the flag is contented to...another treasure from Chris.
The Pearl after going through Guard Gate 2. Thanks Chris and Gina for the picture.
The beautiful Mohawk River
A little of the flood debris that is floating down river. We had to keep an eye out to make sure we don't hit any of this stuff. 
An aerial view of Lock 12 and our home for the night.
Our view from the flybridge...very peaceful and relaxing.
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