"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 12, 2017

May 11 – Over Nighter to NYC

Hudson Point Marina

“The sea isn’t a place but a fact, and a mystery...” —Mary Oliver
The Delaware River...I wish the Atlantic had been this smooth
When you travel on a boat...schedules have to be very flexible. Weather plays a big part in when and where we go. Our plan to stay in Cape May for the night was scraped because we wanted to make it to New York City and the Hudson River before a strong front moves in this weekend. We could tell the condition in the Atlantic we're going to deteriorate quickly so we decided to keep going. We did 225 miles non-stop...that's a record for us, one I don't feel we need ever break! 

The trip started out very bouncy...pretty uncomfortable for me, but the captain and the boat were strong. As the night went on conditions smoothed out some and our autopilot did a wonderful job and we had a beautiful full moon. It was definitely our roughest trip up the coast, but better than it would have been 12 hours later. We left the Bohemia River at 6:40 Wednesday morning and arrived at the Hudson Point Marina in NYC at noon on Thursday. Our good friend Pam from Gallivant greeted us at the dock. After showers and a little rest, we had a great time catching up with Pam, even though we missed her husband Donny. 

We'll move up the Hudson tomorrow toward Waterford and the Eric Canal.

It was so calm on the Delaware River, I had time to bake cookies and put dinner in the slow cooker.
The Pearl with lower Manhattan in the back ground.
You never know what to expect in NYC...we had an escort into the marina from three state police boats. I guess our Texas flag made us look suspicious of something!
Catching up with Pam is always fun
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  1. I will be interested in reading about the exact route you take from Hudson Point Marina to Long Island Sound. I lived in Manhattan for about 5 years and always wondered how boats got by the city and into the sound.

    1. We have been to Long Island Sound twice...you get there by going through the East River. You can read about those trips if you look back through our archive. We went that way last year and in 2013. If you view the blog on a computer or change the view to web version on your phone you will see a lot more options to our blog.

  2. How do I subscribe to your blog? john@geddie.org

    1. If you view the blog on a computer or change the view to web version on your phone you will see a lot more options to our blog. There is a follow button on the right hand side. You can also follow us and get blog updates on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Thepearlmonk36/