"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

September 4, 2016

Sept. 3 - Camden, ME

Lyman Morse Marine Mooring

"Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling." ―Tony DeLiso
The way we started each of our mornings this week
We enjoyed our last day in Camden taking in the activities of the Windjammer Festival. Many of the larger schooners left this morning...they were in the middle of cruises and had new places to explore with their passengers. It was just as much fun watching these wonderful boats leave, as it was to see them arrive.

Just before lunch we took the launch to the town dock. We arrived in time to watch the lobster crate race. We enjoyed watching this activity at the Lobster Fest in Rockland the first time we were in Maine. The crates are tied together and strung between the docks, so the make a floating bridge. The idea is to see how many you can cross without falling down. Some of the kids really made it look easy, but the more you weigh the harder it can be. It's can be very entertaining to watch. 

Our next stop was at the Chowder Challenge tent. We had a chance to sample six contestants chowders...they ranged from traditional clam chowder to fish chowder and some even included lobster. All were very good and it was difficult to pick a favorite. The rest of the afternoon we toured three of the largest windjammers and visited with several people who built their own sailing vessels. It was very interesting, especially for Stan. We spent another wonderful evening enjoying steaks on the deck watching the activities in the harbor. This is truly one of our favorite harbors and we never get tired of the view from our deck, but as hard as it will be to leave we need to move on. The mornings are getting cooler and we need to start heading south.

Windjammer Festival grounds 
The chowder cook off made a great lunch today...they were all very good.
One of the activities today was lobster crate races. They seem to be a big thing at all the festivals up here.
Lobster crate race video

Here are a few more of the boats that were here this weekend.

Surprise: The oldest daysailing windjammer in Camden, this 96 year old fisherman yacht competed in the early Bermuda races while under her first owner, a founder of the Cruising Club of America. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, she sails daily from the Camden Public Landing on 2-hour trips.
Ladona: The Schooner Ladona was launched in 1922 in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, as a private yacht for the Loring family. She cruised the eastern seaboard and went on to win her class in the 1923 Bermuda’s cup. During WWII she served with the US Navy as a submarine patrol. She has been restored to her original ocean-yacht glory and name and offers a brand new windjammer cruising experience. 
Mistress: A miniature version of the grander ships, the Mistress was built with a loyalty to traditional lines and materials coupled with an attention to modern amenities. Forty-six feet long, with just three double cabins (each with private head), she offers an intimate sailing experience.  
Appledore: Designed by Bud McIntosh and built by Herb and Doris Smith in Portsmouth, NH, she is the first and smallest of five Appledores. She is now privately owned and sailing the coast of Maine.  
Olad: Originally called the Whistle Binkie, Olad was designed by Chester A. Crosby and built in 1927 as a private yacht. Originally 47' 9" overall, she now measures 57'. 
OwlIs the most versatile sailboat in Camden Maine's Sailing Fleet. She was designed by world Famous yacht designer John Alden to be a fast and comfortable cruising boat. She is a timeless classic built in 1941.   
Briar Patch - This boat is a Bud McIntosh design (Appledores), but built by the owners almost 30 years ago. We enjoyed visiting with this couple.  
Lively Lady: A traditional classic wooden lobster boat built in 1971 offering one hour lobstering and lighthouse cruises, three hour Sunday lighthouse cruise and 1.5 hour eco cruises. 
Sweet Chariot: A double ended west coast working trawler, she was built in 1951 on Vancouver Island at the Whitney Boat Yard. Now converted to a private boat, she is the traveling home of artist Buckley Smith whose artwork has been a feature of the Windjammer Festival for many years.
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  1. Your pictures are lovely and making me want to visit Maine!

    1. Thank you. It really is an amazing place.