"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 13, 2016

Aug. 12 – Bailey Island, ME

Water Cove

“Island living means having a front row seat to nature’s performance.” —A. Merhing
We started our day with breakfast at the Salt Cod Cafe. Our friends told us they have wonderful baked goods and they were right. The scone and the coffee were incredible. After enjoy our breakfast with a view of Harpswell Sound, we dinghied back to the boat to get ready to explore the rest of the island.

Salt Cod Cafe 
Fresh made blueberry scones and coffee
Bailey Island is small and full of very friendly people. It was a beautiful morning and lots of people were out walking, jogging and biking...everyone greeted us with a smile and a good morning. Our destination was the Giant's Stairs Trail. The trail was named for its interesting geologic history and follows the rocky coastline with gorgeous views of eastern Casco Bay. 

Looking north from the Giant's Stairs 
The Giant's Stairs
Looking south from the Giant's Stairs
We took time on our way back from the hike to look around Mackerel Cove...a protected picturesque working harbor full of lobster boat. Our next stop was Bailey Island General Store (BIGS) for lunch...a lobster rolled served with chips and a pickle is the local special everywhere we've been and it made a great lunch.

Mackerel Cove
A lobster roll at BIGS
We hiked over five miles this morning so relaxing on the boat felt great this afternoon. By 3:00 the sky had turned dark and a storm rolled in with 45-50 MPH winds. We had heavy rain, wind and lightning for about 30 minutes and then things settled down to a light rain for the rest of the day.
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