"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

November 22, 2015

Nov. 22 - Progress Continues

Indiantown Marina

“To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan...believe...act!” ―Alfred A. Montapert

We've had a busy week in the work yard. Seven months of dirt, slim and mildew have been washed off, the hull has been waxed and two coats of new bottom paint have been applied. These projects are hard work and they were even harder this week with the heat and humidity that is still around in south Florida. It's hard to believe it’s November...it feels more like August.

But it hasn't been all work this week; we've made time to catch up with old friends and enjoyed meeting new ones including blogger and Facebook friend Ellen from Cynical Sailor. Hopefully I'll have more time this coming week to visit with her. We're also enjoying events the marina is hosting this week as part of their Thanksgiving Rendezvous. Free meals, drinks, music, fun and fellowship as their way to say thank you to all the boaters that use their marina. We’re scheduled to be put in the water on Friday November 27…and I think we’ll be ready.

The Pearl in our temporary home
Waxing the hull 
Preparing the bottom for new paint 
We had a little helper come by...she wasn't much help 
First coat of paint going on 
Look how nice the bottom and running gear look...I wish it could stay that way. 
I love the new bottom paint...she is really looking pretty now 
Dinner in Stuart with our friends Charlotte and Magnus from Swede Dreams 
Meeting other boaters that are here doing work or waiting to move to on to the Bahamas
Entertainment last night at our get together 
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  1. Looks great. We hope to see you all this spring in Marathon. ;)

    1. Thanks! It's nice to have her looking better but we're pooped! Look us up when you get to Marathon.

  2. The Pearl is looking great! So jealous.
    Susie, in the picture where Stan is sanding the bottom, the sander looks like it is connected to a hose which I assume is connected to a vacuum. Is this something the yard rents or is a shop vac a necessity?

    1. The marina rents the sander and vacuum for $35 a day. It didn't take a full day to do the bottom...so they may not have charged us for a full day. Definitely easier to just rent it. You will need a ladder...they don't provide them or rent them. Your bottom looks great compared to ours so the sanding shouldn't take long. It does feel nice to have her looking good again, but it's been a tiring week.

  3. You always have such great quotes. Where do you get them from? I'm sure that furry little helper would love to come with you guys :-)

    1. Thanks...mostly from Facebook...I keep a list of them so I can find them easily. I got to see the little mini me of the black cat, but she wouldn't get close enough for me to pet her. :( They look like they have a job to do here...so I guess we'll leave them ALL!


  4. Susie I meant to ask what you and Stan used on the bottom of the pearl and on the prop. Did you buy it from the yard or elsewhere. Thanks. In our final countdown now for Christmas with the grand babies and then on our way :)
    BTW the Pearl looks great as always.

    1. We used Pettit Horizons antifouling paint on the bottom. We have never used this before. It was recommended by a friend who has had good luck with it. We had previously used Pettit Trinidad SR. The Horizons is an ablative paint and the Trinidad is a hard paint. We've had really good luck with the Trinidad, but we wanted to use an ablative so we can store on the hard easier.

      We used a zinc galvanized spray on the running gear, again, on the advice of the same friend. Since Indiantown doesn't want you to spray, we sprayed it in a small covered bucket, and then brushed it on.