"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

February 20, 2015

Feb. 20 - Marathon, FL

Sombrero Resort & Marina

“What's the good of living if you don't try a few things?” ―Charles M. Schulz

As I've said before there are all kinds of things to keep us busy in Marathon. Today I tried something new...something I've never done before and it was a lot of fun. Yesterday when I was at basket weaving a few ladies were talking about going to a place called The Art Studio. The shop offers classes in pottery, jewelry making, glass fusion and all types of painting and sketching.

Joella, Vivienne and I were there to do glass fusion. It's a technique used to join glass pieces together by partly melting the glass at high temperature. It is used to produce jewelry, plaques, bowls, coasters and sun catchers. There is no limit to what can be created and it was a lot of fun using my imagination. You start out by pick your project, decide on colors and then use an endless array of glass products to decorate your creation. I really look forward to doing this kind of project again.

The clay studio
The glass studio
Just a portion of the glass available to use
The artists...Susie, Joella and Vivienne
My project...a 4x4 tile. This is the way it looked when I finished. 
The finished product...this was so much fun to do!

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