"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

November 2, 2014

Nov. 1 - Port O'Connor, TX

The Sanctuary
Miles to Rockport, TX - 46

We're home! Back to where we began our cruise in 2011...well ok, that's not quite true. We didn't return to the exact spot, but we are in the same county and that feels wonderful. It truly felt like we were home cruising across the bay...we're in familiar waters where we've explored for a lifetime. Our cruise today was short, but included crossing Matagorda Bay in 15 knot winds. Not too bad since the wind mostly was on our stern, but it made steering more difficult and the bay choppy. It looked like chocolate milk until we got to the inlet near POC. I love watching the dolphins in the bay, but with today's conditions it was impossible to see them.

We are docked in a subdivision called The Sanctuary...very pretty faculties, but no help on the docks. The high winds made it difficult to get tied up but we made it. Not the prettiest attempt, but we were securely tied off. After docking we found out our electric pedestal was being used by another slip owner. Most of the boats here are large fishing boats with no one on them and they all use two 50-amp cords. Each slip is only equipped with one...see the problem? So we walked around and found another slip, with power, then untied the lines and started all over. Good practice I guess but not fun with the high wind. What a work out.

My Dad drove down from Port Lavaca to have dinner with us. A nice treat to have him onboard and show him around. Whenever he comes to dinner he brings good wine, so we enjoyed our down time on the aft deck with good company and a nice class of wine. A great way to reflect on a long cruise.

Looks like Texas to me
There a lot of bait (fishing) camps in POC
Port O'Connor sits on the ICW and close to the gulf, so there are a lot of beautiful vacation homes in the area
The Sanctuary Marina
Relaxing and catching up


  1. I suppose there is something about being back home but will you miss the cruising life?

    1. We're not going to stop cruising. We now have a boat in Texas to use with family and friends and another one on the east coast to cruise on. We'll be home until after Christmas...playing with grandwonders and then we will return to The Pearl and head for the keys and then Abaco. Cruising in in our blood...it's not something we can end.

  2. Great photos. Glad you finally got safely in a slip with juice. Looking forward to more pictures from your adventure.
    Sail Away Girl