"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

October 4, 2013

Oct. 3 - Columbia, NC

Little Alligator River - Anchorage

We left AYB in time to make the 8:30 Centerville Bridge opening. The first one of the morning unless you're underway REALLY early (before 6:30)! We were one of eight boats when we passed the bridge, but we were soon left behind by the faster boats and we pulled ahead of the sailboats. These were the only boats we saw all day. It was a peaceful beautiful day on the water. The highlight of our day was seeing five bald eagles. 

We crossed the Albemarle Sound and anchored in the Little Alligator River. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and complete silence...not a single sound could be heard. The only bad thing about this spot are the millions of little may fly looking bugs that leave green poop drops all over your boat. They may not bite, but boy do you have a mess to clean up the next morning. Just part of the fun of living on a boat.

Our morning view from AYB
The Centerville Swing Bridge
Two of the eagles we saw today
The Albemarle Sound was beautiful today.
Our wonderful sunset

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