"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 10, 2013

Aug. 9 - Jewell Island, ME

Jewell Island - Anchorage

Well, today was our first complete rain out since we've been in Maine. We've had a little fog and even a little rain, but neither lasted all day and we were able to do something...not today. We sat on the boat watching it rain all day! I gave some thought about going ashore and walking the beach in the rain, but it was coming down too hard most of the day to even give that idea serious thought. Instead I watched reruns of rerun movies we have on DVD, played sudoku and messed with my photos. 

We've seen 73 lighthouses this season and I finally have them added to my lighthouse album online. I guess rainy days are good for some things. You can check them out here

The Light
by Hattie Vose Hall

I am the light, holding
Nightly my torch on high;
Under me surge the waters,
Over me bends the sky.

Year after year I stand here
Holding my steady light,
Sending its ray of comfort
Into the darkest night.

Many a man has served me,
Tending the Light with care,
Many a vanished footstep
Passed by my winding stair.

Years pass and men pass with them,
Never my light grows dim,
One hands the torch to another,
Others will follow him.

So are the centuries moving,
Still serving men am I,
Constant through gales of winter
Calm beneath summers sky.

Lights are the hope of seamen,
Warning of rock and shoal,
We are the danger-stations,
We are the sea-patrol!

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