"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 3, 2013

Aug. 2 - Camden, ME

Camden Yacht Club Mooring

Well today the fog turned into rain. The harbor was very quiet this morning. Everyone seemed to be getting a later start because of the weather. By 10:00 crews on the classic sailboats, with rain gear on, were rushing around getting everything prepared for the race day...rain or shine the race goes on. We watched the boats leave, although it wasn't as much fun in the rain. We were glad we weren't racing.

Sometimes it's nice to have a raining day, it gives me a change to catch up on things...like cleaning, bookkeeping and uploading my photos to Picasa. The people here in Maine don't let the weather slow them down...they just put on their slickers and go about their business. So this afternoon we did the same and went into town for a walk and have one more look around. We sat on the deck at the Camden Deli enjoying the view of the harbor, a piece of blueberry pie and a warm cup of coffee. Of all the harbors we've been to, filled with lots of boats, this is truly are favorite. Most of the boats you've seen in the Chesapeake or Florida are newer, shiny, plastic looking boats...here there are a lot more classic well-maintained older boats. Beautiful yachts of all sizes...even some of the dinghies are classic old designs with outboards that were built in the 1950-60s. If you enjoy looking at boats this is the place to be.

Just a few of the boats that come past us this morning.
Moxie is the state drink of Maine. It's not quite cola, not quite root beer, not quite liquid licorice...it's a bizarre concoction that has tasted the same since it was invented in 1876, as a medicine.

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