"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 18, 2013

Aug. 17 - Cuttyhunk, MA

Cuttyhunk Harbor - Anchorage

Today was basically just a travel day. We cruised across the beautiful Cape Cod Bay to the Cape Cod Canal. We timed our departure so we would ride the tide through the canal. They have a posted speed limit in the canal of 10 MPH...we had to pull back on the throttle to keep it that slow. With the push of the current I think we could have easily been doing 13 or more. It was a beautiful Saturday and people were out everywhere, lots of boaters and even more people on shore walking, jogging and biking along the canal. The less energetic had their chairs set up in the grass and were watching the parade of boats going through the canal.   

We stopped at Cuttyhunk Island this evening. It's the outermost of the Elizabeth Islands in Massachusetts and is located between Buzzards Bay to the north and Vineyard Sound to the south. The cruising guide says that even on the busiest summer day, Cuttyhunk remains pleasantly quiet, barren of the usual distractions of the mainland. Well that statement needs to be updated...this quiet little harbor was a zoo! The inner harbor has mooring and a few places to anchor. About half the moorings had two boats on them and ten boats were anchored in a space that was only big enough for 2 or 3 boat. Boats and people were packed into this small pond like sardines...dinghies zipping around, paddle boarders and even a few brave souls were swimming between boats. We anchored in the outer harbor with over 60 other boats. Cuttyhunk may not be over run with commercialism, but they are over run with people. We spent the rest of our day relaxing and watching all the action in this quiet, out of the way little paradise. 

The area around Cuttyhunk looks a little like Ireland
This man played his bagpipes for all of us around sunset
A beautiful Massachusetts sunset


  1. Great photos, as usual!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. susie, I love the sunset photo above! WOW! I also love how you are always so good to research and give history of places.... I know this takes dedication to do this every day.... thanks for the interesting things we are learning as we read your blog! GA & W