"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

February 10, 2013

Feb. 9 - Process on Projects

Ashley Marina

Stan has finished installing our new TV in the saloon. It's mounted on the ceiling and folds up flat when we're not using it. Donny gave him a wall fitting that he installed on the deck of the boat, next to the electrical hook ups, so the cable wire doesn't have to come in the window. Very nice. Stan also has the new radar installed, which meant moving some of the instruments to make room. Our new Golight spotlight has also been installed, it looks much better than the old light and is a lot more functional. This light is controlled by a small joystick installed on the instrument panel. It has a 370 degrees rotation (which we don’t need) and 135 degrees tilt.

While Stan has been busy being an electrician, I've been busy cleaning, shopping and running errands.  It sounds like all work, but we've still had plenty of time to visit with people on the dock and play a little.Last night we sat on the dock and visited with friends until it got too chilly.The boat overlooks the Ashley River...it's fun watching the water, boats, pelicans and especially the dolphins.

To install the wiring and cable to the TV, Stan had to remove the headliner.
What a mess!
We're going to enjoy having a TV in the saloon
Our new spotlight

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