"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

February 19, 2013

Feb. 18 – Charleston, SC

Ashley Marina

It was a beautiful…but cold day here. I spent a little time doing laundry this morning while Stan did a few small projects on the boat. I spent the afternoon playing…this is a wonderful city to ride bikes in and there is so much to see. There are wonderful shops on King Street with almost anything thing you might want, so I spent a few hours wandering through them and walking through the historic City Market, that is full of vendors selling paintings, pottery, and Charleston's famous sweetgrass baskets.

A little Charleston history for the day: The intersection of Broad and Meeting Street is known as the Four Corners of Law. The Charleston City Hall, built in 1801, (local law)is on the north-east corner; the Charleston County Courthouse, built in 1753 (state law) is located on the northwest corner; the United States Courthouse and Post Office, built in 1886, (federal law) is located on the southwest corner; andSt. Michael's Church, built in 1761 (God’s law), is located on the southwest corner.

Looking down King Street - this picture was taken last fall when we were here. It definitely wasn't short weather today!
One of the vendors selling sweetgrass baskets in the City Market
Charleston City Hall
Looking through one of the windows in City Hall 
St. Michael’s Church is the oldest church edifice in the City of Charleston, standing on the site of the first Anglican Church built south of Virginia. Pam and I walked through it last week...very impressive.

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