"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

October 8, 2012

Oct. 7 - Hobuckin, NC

Mayo Seafood Dock

Second day of our car/boat trek south. This part of North Carolina is very remote. When you're on a boat you feel like you a million miles from civilization, but you figure there must be towns and people somewhere. By car you see there really isn't! All though the area is very pretty with lots of trees and farmland. Stan's trip today was about 75 miles. Mine was 135 and I only went through two real towns. I did go around one other and the GPS called many places by name, but they were only a few homes and a convenience store...most were closed today because it was Sunday. Cell service in this area is none existing, so Stan and I had no idea were the other was or if they were still on schedule.

I spent a few extra hours at the Alligator River Marina this morning...no reason to hurry since I would still be able to arrive long before Stan could get there by boat. I used their free wifi to blog, read emails and then catch up on a few TV shows online. I arrive at our destination around 2:00 and just waited. I knew Stan should arrive around 4-4:30. Stan's day went pretty well, the weather started out grey and cool, but the sky cleared later in the day and the winds were moderate. He had the current with him and he was making good time until he came into Goose Creek. The temperature alarm on the engine went off; warning him the engine was over heating. He turned the engine off and started looking for the problem. He found the belt had been thrown and was shredded, but still usable. He was only a few miles from the dock, so he put the belt back on and slowly made it in. After the engine cooled a little he replaced the belt with a new one. We should be ready to go in the morning.

It's a good thing he was making great time today, because he still arrive close to his scheduled time. With no way to communicate, I would have been very worried if he had been late. Seeing him coming down the canal to the dock was wonderful. So far I'm not a fan of this way of traveling. I miss the boat, the water and especially Stan.

This is a picture of Mayo Seafood. Since I was on land and couldn't get a good picture, I borrowed this from my friend Barbara on Memory Maker...too. Thanks Barbara! We were docked in front of the blue shrimp boat.

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