"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

October 5, 2012

Oct. 4 - Hampton, VA

Hampton River - Anchorage

Another 100+ mile day...this is getting to be a trend with us. Since the daylight hours are getting shorter we got to see the sunrise and sunset from the flybridge today. What beautiful sights they were, with all the clouds in the sky to reflect the light, the colors were amazing.

We pasted more familiar places today and I even had a chance to get pictures of three lighthouses I didn't seem to have. This is our fourth time to pass this way...not sure how I missed these photo ops in the past. Maybe I knew I'd need something for a future blog and subconsciously just skipped them. Anyway now I can prove we've seen the Smith Point, Wolf Trap and Thimble Shoal lighthouses. I have a friend who loves visiting lighthouses. Since we pass many that are too far off shore for her to get to, I share my pictures with her. I have taken pictures of 56 lighthouses since we left on this adventure in 2011. We have seen many more, but lighting conditions or distance kept me from taking their pictures. In our case sometimes the lighthouses are on shore and too far away from us to make a nice picture.

It must be fall, because we saw lots of pleasure boats heading south. We also saw a lot of large ships today...vehicle carriers, cargo ships and military ships. The highlight of our day was watching the dolphins play in front of the boat. I could count six at one time...missed that photo op too, but I enjoyed the show. It's feeling more like home all the time.

We saw a double rainbow this morning...this is looking south
this is looking north
Our beautiful sunrise...sometimes it's nice to get up early
Smith Point Lighthouse
Wolf Trap Lighthouse
Thimble Shoal Lighthouse
I also missed the pelicans...it's nice to see the familiar things from home
Sunset over Hampton Roads

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