"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

October 21, 2012

Oct. 21 – Adjusting to Life on Land

There’s always an adjustment period when we leave the boat and move back into our home. It’s nice to have more room, I enjoy my larger tub, the convenience of the car and we definitely like relaxing in our lounge chairs. Everyone asks and I guess they think we sleep better at home in our own beds…well the beds on the boat are our own beds too, and we actually sleep much better on them. This summer we slept with the windows open most nights, with a cool breeze blowing through the cabin. The only nights we closed the windows were the nights that were too cold to have them open. The fresh air and the gentle rocking of the boat make sleeping very easy. I truly miss those two things.

Catching up with family and friends is the best part of being home; it is what we miss the most about being on the boat. We stay in touch daily with everyone, but hugs and kisses are a little hard to email! Stan love to fish, so being on the coast in Texas in the fall is a great time of year. Stan plans to spend as much time as possible in his kayak fishing on the bay...but first, things around the house have to been done. There are seven months of little chores and maintenance projects to catch up on. We work as quickly as possible to get these things done, so we have time to have fun. We also have all winter to plan our next adventure.

2012 Travel Stats 2011 Travel Stats
2678 Miles traveled   3987 Miles traveled
808 Gallons of diesel purchased 1085 Gallons of diesel purchased
379 Engine hours 566 Engine hours
209 Days on board 211 Days on board
68 Days of travel 96 Days of travel
10 States or providences 13 States visited
55 Towns visited 71 Towns visited
106 Locks traversed 8 Locks traversed
121 Days at a marina 146 Days at a marina
46 Nights at a dock 11 Nights at a dock
30 Nights at anchor 48 Nights at anchor
10 Nights on a mooring ball 4 Nights on a mooring ball
2 Days on the hard 2 Days on the hard

Some of our neighbors are very...very large, but they will move south when hurricane season is over.
She looks a little sad...all closed up for the winter

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