"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 25, 2012

Mar. 25 - Great Bridge, VA

Spring Time

One of the things I miss the most about not being in Texas this time of year is seeing the beautiful wildflowers, especially the bluebonnets. This is the second year we've left Texas in March. Last year we missed the flowers completely. This year with the warm winter and abundant rainfall, the flowers arrived early. So we did get to see a few fields a blaze with color on our way to San Antonio last week for our son and daughter in-law's Match Day celebration. Match Day is where all 4th year medical students (in the country) find out where they will do their residencies. Kyle and Bryt matched at Scott and White in Temple, Texas...Kyle in Emergency Medicine and Bryt in OB/GYN. We had a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends. We're very proud of their hard work and honored to have been part of their special day.

Spring was in full bloom in Texas when we left...it is just getting started here in Virginia. The pine trees are dropping pollen like crazy and the other trees are just beginning to bud out. I guess we're lucky; we get to see the arrival of spring twice this year.

Just part of Kyle & Byrt's family and friends that were at Match Day to help them celebrate.
Announcing to the group where they had been accepted...Scott and White was their first choice.
Nothing represents Texas better than bluebonnets and the long horn.
Looking at the wildflowers in Texas in the spring is like going to New England in the fall to see the changing colors of the leaves. People from all over come to Texas in the spring to enjoy the beautiful flowers and our great weather.
My niece Kelley shared some of her bluebonnet pictures with me. She is a photographer in the Austin area...check out her website.

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