"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

October 4, 2011

Oct. 4 - On Our Way Home

Day 200 - Saying Goodbye to the Boat and Friends
Atlantic Yacht Basin

We spent yesterday finishing up little projects, packing, renting a car and saying good bye to friends. Avis car rental gave us a pretty good deal on our car...still unbelievably high, but we can use our credit card points to get most of the cost back. Not too bad...our final cost will only be $75.

After renting the car we picked up twenty gallons of potable antifreeze that we will use to winterize the boat. After dropping it off at the boat we went to Insight and had a nice visit with Jim and Julie. They fly home to Arizona tomorrow morning. I hope our paths cross again next summer. We spent the rest of the evening with Pam and Don. As usual we had a great time; they feel like old friends...hard to believe we've only known them for two weeks. We will definitely cruise with them again. They are spending the winter in Charleston and will be back in the Chesapeake next spring. See you then if not before somewhere.

We got right to work this morning. First thing we had to do was move the boat and get a pump out, then back to our spot on the wall. We drained all the water from the water tanks and started pumping antifreeze through all the lines...water, toilet, engine, air conditioner, and generator. We loaded all the stuff we are bringing home, stored our bikes inside the boat and put other things away for the winter. We left the boat on the wall for now, they will tow it to a shed after the fuel tank is welded. It really felt strange just leaving her there...knowing we won't be back for six months. We had an amazing time and look forward to new adventures next year.

We left around one o'clock, and as I'm writing this in the car we have no idea where we will stop for the night. I am going to try and post this from my phone...hope it doesn't look too different from the other posts. I will post a follow up when we get home. Please forgive any grammatical errors my editor is driving.

Dinner at Carraba's
Running antifreeze through the lines
This was to be the longest barge we've seen since we left Texas....a tug, seven barges, and a 1/4 mile of pipe
The Pearl...all alone... :(

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