"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

October 2, 2011

Oct. 1 - Great Bridge, VA

Day 197 - Transition Day
Atlantic Yacht Basin

We still have things to do before we leave, but most of them will have to wait until Monday. We spent the day getting things organized, washing the boat and watching the large boats go by in the ICW. The bridge just north of the marina only opens once an hour and there has been quite a show of large yachts going by today. You know when they're coming, because the bridge blows a horn to warn motorist that the bridge is going to open. A few minutes later a parade of boats comes by. The largest was 130'...the big boys are moving south for the winter. I guess I should have taken a few pictures of the larger ones...they're just unbelievable. I'm going to miss seeing all the yachts, waterman boats, barges and tugs when we get home.

Our friends Jim & Julie Bertch are also here getting their boat ready for winter storage. Since we both have food to use up before we leave, we got together this evening for a communal dinner. We grilled steaks, shrimp and potatoes. We planned on sitting outside in the little gazebo next to their boat, but a cold front moved in last night and it was too chilly. We had to visit on their boat. The prediction is for temperatures in the forties tonight...brrr.

Great Bridge - opened
The weather was a little cool so we had a fire on Insight to keep us warm. Well maybe not, it was a video but still nice

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