"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

November 6, 2016

Nov. 6 – Rockport, TX

Rockport Harbor

“The world above is a wonderful place. But everyone knows the true magic lies...under the sea, where the water is clear and the fish swim free.” ―Sebastian, The Little Mermaid
One of the things I enjoy doing when we stay in Rockport is working at the Aquarium at Rockport Harbor. It's located across the parking lot from the boat, so my commute is very short. Working there gives me a chance to contribute to the community, visit with people from all over the country and get to know other volunteers who live in the area.

I worked this week and was lucky enough to be in town to enjoy a cruise on Archimedes (Texas Floating Classroom). The aquarium sponsored this floating educational classroom so the children in the area could have a chance to learn about the water they live by. On Thursday evening they had a sunset cruise for the volunteers, a way of saying thank you for the work that we do. I enjoyed the chance to spend a few hours on the water on such a beautiful evening.

A few of my favorite residents of the aquarium...this is Marley a spotted moray eel.
Giant hermit crab
Archimedes - Texas Floating Classrom
 Leaving the harbor, the building to the left is the educational building of the aquarium.
Learning a few things while enjoying a pretty evening on the water
Some of the aquarium volunteers enjoying a sunset cruise
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