"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

June 2, 2014

June 2 – Jacksonville, FL

Lamb's Yacht Center

"Sounds of the wind or sounds of the sea; Make me happy just to be."—June Polis

This past week Stan stayed busy compounding and waxing the upper portion of the boat. It’s been at least two years since he’s had time to do the job completely at one time. Once that job was done the boat had to be washed and scrubbed to remove all the dust that compounding creates. While he washed the boat I cleaned the inside of the boat…vacuumed, dusted and even cleaned cabinets. The Pearl is clean inside and out. Stan has a few little projects to finish this week and then we will be heading home to play with our grand daughter and welcoming the new addition to our family. Our cruising adventure will continue later in the year.

We took a little time to play this past week…well, maybe not really playing all that much, but at least we did go out to eat a few times. We were told the Japanese restaurant, Okinawa, was very good, so we gave it a try. It was our first experience at a Japanese grill house and we truly enjoyed the food and the show. I’m sure we’ll go back before we leave the area. Saturday we went to the farmers market on Riverside Avenue and enjoyed the free music and lunch over looking the river. Saturday afternoon we drove down to St. Augustine to check out the Downtown Bazar the have the last Saturday of the month. The bazar didn’t turn out to be very impressive, but we had fun wandering around this great little city, doing a little shopping, looking at boats and enjoying a snack at Harry’s. St. Augustine was one of our favorite places on our way up the coast in 2011 and we look forward to stopping here when we move the boat south later in the year.

A few pictures of the completed cap rail
Stan hard at work waxing the boat...can you see that shine? 
Our chef at Okinawa...he was very entertaining 
Historic St. George Street in St. Augustine 
One artist's display at the Downtown Bazar 
The El Galeon and the Noa docked in St. Augustine 

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