"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 31, 2013

Aug. 30 - Jersey City, NJ

Liberty Park - Anchorage

We woke to a dreary dark morning, but there was no rain or fog...which was a good thing. We left Port Washington and headed back to New York City down Long Island Sound into the East River and past Hell Gate, where the Harlem River converges with the East River. The current was rushing through the area and really churning up the water...we had a wild ride coming past the east side of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. 

This is our fourth time to come into the New York Harbor. It's still fun and a little nerve racking with all the ferries, pleasure boats and water taxis, but not quite as exciting as the first time we approached the city and saw Miss Liberty. I was more excited today about seeing our friends on Gallivant and our visitors who are coming tomorrow. Kyle and Brytanie are flying in for the holiday weekend. We're looking forward to showing them around New York and visiting...it should be a great weekend. 

By the time we got anchored behind Miss Liberty the sun was beginning to shine and we had a great view of the statue. Pam and Donny arrived around 1:00 and we spent the rest of the day (and evening) talking and catching up on our summer cruising adventures.

Just a little current flowing under the Queensboro Bridge 
Gallivant arriving
We never get tired of this very
It's nice to spend time with friends

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  1. Great post! Friends and family on board, good times!