"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 4, 2013

Aug. 3 - Rockland, ME

Broad Cove - Anchorage

Another rainy start to our day, but it certainly didn’t keep the boaters from moving around. You could tell it was Saturday...the harbor was very busy, even on shore people were buzzing around everywhere. No one seems to care whether it’s a nice day or not, they just get out and play. We really weren't in a hurry this morning to shove off; we were only going 9 miles down the bay to Rockland. We left around 10:30 and traveled in heavy rain most of the way...so I have no idea what the shore looked liked. It was hard enough just seeing ahead of us and dodging lobster buoys. The rain stopped about the time we got to our anchorage and turned into a beautiful day by the time we went ashore. The weather can change very quickly here. We enjoyed the afternoon watching people at the Lobster Fest, visiting the Project Puffing Visitor Center, exploring the town and having dinner at a funky little place called Conte.

We usually ask people we meet in town where they like to eat...we enjoy local hangouts more than the touristy places. Conte is certainly very local...in fact there is no way someone would find it by mistake. It's located in a small house three or four blocks from the main part of town and there isn't a sign out front, only a very small one (on the ground) near the parking lot. The restaurant can only seat about 30 people and looks it was decorated from cast offs from the thrift shop. Definitely not fancy, but the place is known for great food. The menu is a large chalkboard that is so full it’s really illegible. The waitress reads it to you before you order and then she seats you at a table with bread and salad. Most of their dishes are seafood and all of them are served over pasta. The restaurant was featured in this months Maine magazine Down East. Here is the article if you'd like to learn more about this unique place (well worth reading). We both enjoyed our meals and they were so large we’ll have a second meal tomorrow.  

This evening we enjoyed the beautiful weather and watching seals play just off the stern of the boat. We'll spend tomorrow checking out all the activities at Maine Lobster Festival.

The Curtis Island Lighthouse near Camden...I took this picture the day we came into Camden. Glad I did!
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
We loved the name of this restaurant...we even looked at eating here, but it wasn't too interesting. 
The entrance to Conte
This is the entry hall of the restaurant...these people are having the menu explained to them.
This is the dinning room. The restaurant is only opened from 5-8 so people come early. We were there before five and by 5:30 the room was full.
You choose your fish and then choose between three sauces and it is served to you in glass pie pans. I think this is the largest piece of salmon Stan has ever had!
I had shrimp and scallops with a garlic olive oil sauce. Nine shrimp and 12 scallops...way too much to eat in one meal. Can you see the size of the wine glass? They don't scrimp here.

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