"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 24, 2013

Aug. 23 - Branford, CT

Branford Yacht Club

We decided to give up on exploring anymore of Long Island and headed back across the Sound to Connecticut today. The morning was very windy, but we’ve discovered it's hard to determine the weather and winds up here. It can be windy in one place and a few miles away the wind settles down. By the time we got to the cut into Long Island Sound it was pretty rough, but once in the Sound the winds laid down and we had a very smooth ride. The weather chances quickly up in New England, so you just have to be prepared for anything and go!

Tonight we are back at our friend's yacht club in Branford. We've spent most of the summer on mooring balls or anchored, not including the time we left the boat in July to go home, we've only spent eight nights at a marina since we left here on June 18. We needed the luxury of being on a dock with all the water and electricity we wanted. The boat hasn't been washed since the beginning of June...that's a lot of salt, grime and mildew that needed to be cleaned. Some of the decks were literally black. I should have taken a picture before we started scrubbing; so we could compare the difference...she looks so much better now.

Late this afternoon we had a chance to visit with our friends Ted and Sally. We are almost at the end if our cruising season, but they're getting their boat ready to start theirs. They'll begin to head south soon.

The water was just a little rough going through the Plum Gut Cut this morning
We cruised by the Thimble Islands again today
Heading into Branford
Our beautiful view this evening

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