"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 23, 2013

Aug. 22 - Shelter Island, NY

Coecles Harbor - Anchorage 

Today was a crazy mixed up day...it started out sunny and slow. Stan took the dinghy and went to the bakeshop for breakfast sweets, which we enjoyed as we watched the sky begin to turn dark. This is the point we should have decided to hang out in Sag Harbor another day, but we were in desperate need of water and the marina in town will let you tie up at their T-dock and fill up...if there's room. Yesterday when we came into town the dock was full and this morning it was free, so we pulled the anchor and went to the marina. We could have returned to our quiet little anchorage but we decided to move on. 

Our original destination was Dering Harbor, so we could visit Greenport. The harbor was full of moorings and signs telling us we weren't allowed to anchor. The moorings and marinas in this area are ridiculously high, so we moved on to Coecles Harbor. Neither place were too far, but it rained most of the way. This is a nice harbor but we took the long route to get here. It would have been much quieter to come around Shelter Island the other way. By the time we were ready to drop the hook the rain had stopped and the sky was clearing some. This harbor is pretty and there is a park area with miles of trails for hiking and biking and I think we could have ridden our bikes to Dering and gotten the ferry to Greenport, but the weather was too threatening all afternoon. We decided to stay on the boat and relax. Our only adventure today was cruising in the rain. 

Just a little dark the way we are headed.
Long Beach Bar Lighthouse - The benefit of taking the long route to our anchor was getting to see this beautiful lighthouse. Our lighthouse count is up to 92 for the year.
Even the places that will let you anchor have lots of rules! If you don't live here and you don't want to pay for their expensive accommodations...they really don't want you here.

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