"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 2, 2013

Aug. 1 - Camden, ME

Camden Yacht Club Mooring

This morning our view in Camden Harbor was a little different...we woke to fog. The beautiful green mountain had vanished and the windjammers were just shadows in the distance. Even with the thick fog boats were moving around. We sat on the flybridge and watched the harbor come alive, several of the larger windjammers that take extended cruises pulled out with their guest. With this thick fog it'll be a real adventure for them. The fog tried for hours to dissipate, but each time it would slowing move back in. We were glad the Yacht Club had room for use to stay a few more days. We really love the view we have from our mooring and this wonderful little town.

By lunchtime it was obvious the fog was finally going to stay out in Penobscot Bay, so we decided to hike up Mount Battie in the Camden Hill State Park. The park has a scenic vista with sweeping views of Camden, Penobscot Bay, and surrounding islands. On a clear day you can see Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park. Our view today was little different with the lingering fog, but what a great view it was. We found the trailhead that is just north of town that lead to the top of Mount Battie. The info in our guidebook made it sound like an easy little hike...I'm thinking they were talking about a different trail. This trail was definitely a strenuous trail with a little rock climbing thrown in, but well worth the effort for the view and the blueberries. Our first views of the harbor were completely clear of fog, then we watched it move across part of the outer harbor…what a neat thing to watch.

After our hike we enjoyed watching the classic wooden sailboats arrive in the harbor. There is a regatta starting tomorrow and 30-40 boats arrived today. We had the best seat in the harbor to see them parade by. Unfortunately I did more watching than taking pictures...oh well, you'll just have to believe me they, were beautiful. Prue and Burt, who we met in Block Island, came in this afternoon, so we enjoyed visiting with them this evening. We sat on our flybridge and enjoyed their company while watching more sailboats arrive and the seals playing in the harbor. It’s hard to beat a day like today.

It looks a little different this morning than it did yesterday when we arrived
The fog is finally lifting
Looking towards Penobscot Bay still a little foggy out there
Clear view of the harbor with fog further out in Penobscot Bay
The fog moving back in to the outer harbor
Fog is formed by warm, continental air flowing over colder waters, causing the moisture in the air to condense. In Maine this occurs when the prevailing southwest summer winds blow off the land, producing a "smoky sou'wester." Often you will see a distinct bank of fog lying offshore, or it could just thicken around you without warning. 
Going down!
Lots of wooden sailboats coming in

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  1. You're going to have to enter some of your photos in a contest...they're awesome! The fog is pretty to sit and enjoy, but not so much fun to travel through. We experienced fog laying in all of a sudden near Sandy Hook last summer when we were doing the run up toward NYC. Was so glad to see it finally lifting.
    Safe travels to you as you bring it south!