"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

July 28, 2013

July 27 - Buckle Island, ME

Buckle Harbor - Anchorage

Mount Desert will be our furthest point north and east this year. We will slowly move south from here visiting little interesting places we missed on the way up. We moved about 15 miles today to Buckle Island. There are literally hundreds of islands here to visit...choosing where to go can be very difficult. Buckle Island was a great choice...it had a wonderful view of the mountains on Mount Desert and we could watch the boats moving through the Deer Island Thorofare that runs between Penobscot Bay and Mount Desert. It was a beautiful Saturday so there were a lot of boats out today.

Once we were anchored and had an early lunch we took the dinghy down to do a little exploring. We rode through the little islands and then landed on Buckle Island to do a little hiking and beach combing. I found another lobster float...in fact I found five, but only one was worth keeping. Not that I'm sure about what I'll do with them when I get home, but they’re fun to find. We also took the dingy out to a lobster boat and bought a couple of lobsters for dinner...you can't get fresher than that! We really need to find a grocery store, lobsters are about the only fresh thing we have at the moment. We had to have canned vegetable with dinner...we don't do that very often. We're also about out of butter; we can't eat lobster without butter!

One last look at Northeast Harbor as we left Mount Desert this morning
Bear Island Lighthouse - Mount Desert
Our view of Mount Desert from our anchorage 
Exploring in Buckle Harbor 
This is going to the fish (lobster) market in Maine...he had just gotten our lobsters out of the trap. So cool! 
A little video of what we saw on our dinghy ride today.


  1. The rocky coast of Maine looks much like the Georgian Bay. just beautiful.
    Though we have spent alot of time on the Maine coast we have yet to see it from the water.

    1. It truly is beautiful here. We should rent a car and see the interior more...we'll save that for another time.

  2. Such beautiful scenery! Looks like it was a great decision to go up there cruising this summer. We hope to explore that area one day. Glad you've also been getting some better weather. Fresh lobster off the boat, WOW...it doesn't get any better than that! Safe boating.