"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

June 27, 2013

June 26 - Newport, RI

Newport Yachting Center (Mooring)

We got up early...very early. Which isn't that hard here when the sunrise is at 5:00. We wanted to get through the inlet before the tide started coming in. The current was running pretty fast through there yesterday and made it very difficult. Getting an early start also meant we'd have more time to spend in Newport. We were in the harbor picking up a mooring ball by 8:30. Newport is full of boats...boats everywhere. We've never seen so many mega yachts in one place. Many are boats we've seen in other places.

We spent a week in Newport about four years ago when we were here for the boat show. It's one of our favorite places, full of history and wonderful old buildings...and boats. We spent the morning walking along the waterfront enjoying the sites and then had lunch at the Red Parrot. We spent the afternoon relaxing on the boat and then went back to town to pick up a few lobsters for dinner. The Aquidneck Lobster Company has wonderful prices and they will also steam them for you. Our friends in Branford told us we should ask for the cull lobsters (one’s that have a small claw or a missing claw) they are usually a lot cheaper per pound than the others…$6 a pound didn’t seem bad to us. We had a wonderful lobster dinner onboard with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop…I think we could get use to life in New England.

Fort Adams on the point coming into Newport
Banisters Wharf 
Our wonderful lobster dinner 
Our beautiful sunset 

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  1. Welcome to Newport! I really enjoyed reading your blog and updates! If you are in town or on the bay with your camera, please post your photos on our Facebook page http://facebook.com/NewportYachtSpotters We love to get updates from visitors and fans here and abroad. Hope you have a nice stay and that the weather improves soon!