"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

June 18, 2013

June 17 - Branford, CT

Branford Yacht Club

Happy birthday to our Pearl. She was built in Taiwan in June 1983...she's an old lady, but she is serving us well. She's a Monk 36, which has a semi-displacement hull, with a single 120 HP Ford/American diesel engine. Her cruising speed is 7.5 knots (8.63 MPH) with a range of 1200 miles.

We bought her in March 2010. We’ve traveled 8488 miles, put 1211 hours on the engine, visited 16 states and Canada and spent 19 month living on her full time...so far. She fits our needs and we've never questioned our choice in purchasing her. She's our wonderful home on the water and we love the ever changing view from her windows.


  1. I guess we pay more attention to the Monk 36' since we met you guys. But this summer we've actually seen two different Monk 36's. We saw one in Carolina Beach, and then today there was one tied up at the free dock in Portsmouth. AND, we were talking to a guy on a sailboat in Oriental and he told us his 'perfect boat' was a Monk 36. He works at Denison Marina in Oriental...so if you ever decide to change boat, he's looking for one. Happy Birthday to The Pearl!

  2. Hello, Woody Cooper here. My wife and I own "Polly P" an '84 Monk 36, hull #48. I noticed your mast looks to be different from the original one we have. I've had to do extensive work to ours when it rotted and the wiring needed to be replaced. Do you know where you got that new mast?

    Polly P is in Brunswick GA at the moment and we'll be bringing her back to NC in the Spring. I think she is the perfect boat for two people and two dogs. Good luck!

    1. The mast came with the boat. A previous owner adde it and we love it. Jim Bertch was the one that had the work done. Jim is a MTOA member...maybe you know him. We have extensive records for the boat and know when it was added, but no other details. It's nice to know another owner and boat. We will look for you when we move north again. We love our boat, it's perfect for what we are doing.