"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

September 3, 2012

Sept. 2 – Waterford, NY

Beautiful Sunday
Canal Visitor Center Dock

On Sundays Waterford has a farmers market right on the dock at the Visitor Center. It’s fun to hang out and visit with the locals and boaters. We spent most of the morning doing just that. This afternoon we took a picnic lunch to Peeble Island State Park. We rode around the trails and found a nice place for our picnic above the river near some small waterfalls. We then spent a little time relaxing on the grass across the river from the Visitor Center…wecould hear the music from the farmers market. It was a great place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. This evening we got together with the crews from Envoy, Kindred Spirit and Memory Maker. They will all leave in the morning, two moving south and one on their way up the Erie Canal. Hopefully we will see them again along the water.Our plan is to stay here until tomorrow; our friends on Gallivant should arrive tomorrow. Depending on weather we’ll start moving south on Tuesday.

Part of the hiking/biking trail on Peeble Island
Views from our bike ride
Looking across the river to the Visitor Center
Happy hour on the Kindred Spirit (can you find The Pearl)

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