"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 8, 2012

Mar. 8 - Plans

I'm really not sure why boaters make plans...they always seem to change. In my blog entry yesterday I mentioned that boating plans can change from day to day...little did I realize they would change less than two hours after I posted the blog. Our youngest son Eric and his wife Courtney will bless us with our first grand child on July 9. A grand daughter to be exact. Our original plan was to be in Canada by then...Canada is an awful long ways from south Texas! We may have to rethink our cruising plans so we are can fly home a little easier. I won't even attempt to state our plans now, not that we have any. We have found in the past it's really better to plan day to day or week to week...not month to month. So all we know for certain is we'll leave in a few weeks and return to the boat, we'll be in San Antonio on May 27 for Kyle and Bryt's graduation and we will be home on July 9 for the arrival of our newest addition to the family. Stay turned for more updates...I'm sure we'll fit a little cruising in somewhere! Life's little blessings come when you least expect them and this is one we've looked forward to for years.

Baby Marshall (Princess Marshall)

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