"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 25, 2011

Aug. 24 - Baltimore, MD

Day 159 - The Calm Before the Storm
Anchorage Marina

It was another beautiful morning, and again we took our time enjoying a peaceful anchorage. We only had a ten mile run into Baltimore, so no reason to get in a hurry.  We cruised into the Inner Harbor area before we docked at Anchorage Marina. The Inner Harbor is full of shops, restaurants, museums, old ships and an aquarium.

After securing the boat at the marina, we picked up a few groceries at Safeway across the street, had lunch and then rode our bikes to the Inner Harbor. We thought we better get a look at things before the weather deteriorates later in the week. There's a front coming in tomorrow bringing rain and then Hurricane Irene will bring wind and rain this weekend.

We spent the evening visiting with Jim and Julie Bertch. They are previous owners of our boat…they sold the boat to Tim and Susan McCracken, the people we bought the boat from.  It was fun visiting with them, hearing their cruising stories and what they did to improve our boat.

Fell's Point - passed here on our way into the Inner Harbor
Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse
The National Aquarium
The USS Constitution in Baltimore
The Inner Harbor

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