"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 24, 2011

Aug. 23 - Riviera Beach, MD

Day 158 - Our First Earthquake
Rock Creek - Anchorage

Our plan today was to go back to Fairlee Creek, where we had stopped on our way to the C & D Canal last week. Since it wasn't very far, we took our time this morning and enjoyed our anchorage. We started out around 10:30; the water and the day were beautiful. It really doesn't get much better than today. Since the weather was so wonderful we decided to push on towards Baltimore. We are anchored about ten miles from Baltimore in Rock Creek. We will move to Anchorage Marina in Baltimore tomorrow. Our plan is to stay there a few days, but if Hurricane Irene comes this way we may stay through the weekend.

As we were enjoying our afternoon cruise we felt something that just didn't seem right. It only lasted a few seconds, we thought something might be wrong with the engine or transmission, or maybe we had drug bottom. Since it didn't last long and didn't happen again we didn't think much about it...until I got a text from my sister in-law, Paula. She wanted to know if we felt the earthquake. I texted back...I guess we did. Very weird...it was our little bit of excitement for the day.

Our view this morning - Chesapeake City
This is a little ice cream shop - right on the water...very cute
The end of Bohemia Ave.
Turkey Point Lighthouse 
Some of the rocks going into Rock Creek - I guess that is why it is called Rock Creek

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