"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

April 13, 2011

April 12 - Tarpon Springs, FL

Day 37 - Hanging Out
The Landing at Tarpon Springs

We're enjoying our time in Tarpon Springs. It's kind of nice being in one place and getting caught up on a few things. Even if it does make blogging a little harder. Stan worked on a few boat projects and I did a little laundry in the sink, no laundromat close by. The every day things we take for granted at home, like running to the grocery store or throwing towels in the wash can become day long activities when you don't have a car or washer. It takes more planning and thought to get these things done. (I know...no one is feeling sorry for me)

We rode our bike to Craig Park and enjoyed a picnic lunch, then rode around town a little. This is a very bike friendly town. This evening we had fun visiting with another couple on the dock that own a trawler. They are from Tarpon Springs and gave us a few ideas of where to go when we leave here.

In honor of my friend's birthday we went to a little Greek bakery for dessert. As you can tell from the picture it was hard choosing just one!

 This is just one the cases of sweets to choose from....hum which one?
Happy Birthday Judy

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