"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 7, 2011

Mar. 5-6 - Saying Goodbye

We spent the weekend loading the boat with the last of our personal items and saying goodbye to family and friends.

Christian and Lillian came by on Saturday to look at the boat.  We had a great visit on the boat and then went out for lunch.  It was a nice distraction form the last minute stress of getting ready.  Saturday night we had dinner and wonderful visit with my Dad.  I’m going to miss our weekly dinners with him.

Sunday morning we visited with our dock neighbor Lanny, an experienced sailor.  He has been sharing his vast knowledge on boating with us since last spring.  He gave us some last minute advice on some places to visit and people to look up along the way.

Sunday afternoon we spent time with Stan’s Mom, Earline, Kenneth, Kelley and some of our great nieces and nephew.  Thanks Earline for the delicious Hamburgers.  Our niece Kelley took pictures that I will add to the post later in the week.  Sunday night we had a nice long visit with Eric and a call from Kyle and Bryt.  I’m really going to miss seeing everyone.  Thank goodness we have cell phones and the Internet.

Susie, Emma and Jenna
Stan and Hayden

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